Crossfire is one of the biggest, free-to-play, first-person shooters in the world, thanks to it's immense popularity in asia.
The tactial shooter features two opposing groups, the "Global Risk" and the "Black List", who are fighting each other in a massive global conflict. Choose your mercenary from one of the special forces groups around the world and head into battle.

Crossfire features a wide variety of realistic firearms, explosives and armor that will aid you in defeating your enemies and be on the winning side.
There are a multitude of game modes to play - ranging from Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Elimination to any of the special modes like "Hero mode", "Predator mode", "WAVE" and many more. This huge variety will ensure, that you'll never get bored and will always find a team to play with.

Tactial Combat

Crossfire boasts a huge amount of weapons and armor to choose from, as well as a varied roster of characters. No matter the situation you find yourself in, your wits and tactial prowess, together with your choice of weaponry will help you win any fight.

Huge Playerbase

With a maximum of 16 players for each game mode, you will always be able to play with your friends, or against them. With such a large community, it will never get boring and you will always find players to start a game with.

Multiple Game Modes

With an impressive amount of game modes like Deathmatch, Elimination, Ghost Mode, Search and Destroy and Mutants vs. Ghosts among others, the game offers you plenty of PVE and PVP content to chose from.