Crowfall is a fantasy MMORPG that focuses on political alliances and feudal conquest. It's an MMORPG that promote player skill, risk taking, and (pvp) competition. Win from your fellow players and grab the chance to take the throne. Crowfall is being developed by a new studio with experience! From the Creative Director of Shadowbane, Wizard101, and Pirate101, and the Executive Producer of Ultima Online, Star Wars: Galaxies, and Star Wars: the Old Republic. Come see how a politically deep MMO can immerse you into a wider type of massively multiplayer world!

Crowfall Key Features

Play To Win - You achieve power through player skills, forming alliances, interfering in politics and competing for the throne, not with your wallet.

Player-Driven Economy - Buy, sell, and trade on the in-game marketplace. You sell your goods, you set the prizes!

Multiverse Of Worlds - Dozens of unique worlds with all kinds of maps for players to fight over.

Strategic Conquest - The community controls the world, and the players control the community. Can you seize your own districts and conquer others!

Open Character Creation - Create your character from the ground up all with the characteristics of your choice, you choose your characters "Advantages" and "Disadvantages".

Skill Based System - Crowfall uses a skills-based system to resolve in-game actions. Characters do not have discrete “levels” like most traditional MMOs. This means that there are MANY, MANY potential ways to advance your character at any given time.

Atypical Combat - Combat in Crowfall will be a little more action-combat focused, than your traditional MMO. For instance, there are “dashes” that you use to avoid attacks, as opposed to a passive (randomized) dodge system.