Crucible is a free to play third person shooter type multiplayer survival arena from Amazon Game Studios, which places players in a game-show like fight for their lives. Players choose and customize heroes, making alliances and betraying allies on their path to victory. An additional player heightens the drama by triggering events, live-streaming the battles, and interacting with viewers. Get into the arena and get ready for 6 vs 6 team battles, but be ever watchful; your teammates can turn on you in an instant. When life is on the line, how far are you willing to go to win?

NOTE: Crucible's status is uncertain as of February 2018

Crucible Key Features

Team-Based Gameplay With A Twist - The core of Crucible centers around 6 vs 6 team matches, but beware: you, or your teammates, can betray the team at any time. Whether you're a plant for the other side or simply looking out for number one, you can trust - and be trusted by - no one.

Player Narration And Streaming - One player will take on the role of something of an announcer. The player will stream the action - Crucible is designed from the ground up with streaming in mind! - as well as trigger events, talk to spectators, and even take wagers on the outcome!

Customize Your Hero - Players will choose and customize their characters, allowing them to be who they want to be. The more memorable a face, the more the crowd will come to love you!