With universally excellent reviews, Crusader Kings III has already built a staggering reputation for itself as the bastion of a new generation of historical strategy games. Set in a rich medieval world, players must use all the skills of warfare and cunning they've picked up from series such as Game of Thrones and games like Civilisation. It will take much more than brute strength to become King of the Crusaders. Knights, spymasters, and priests can all take centre stage in a monarch's unique path to domination.

From royal pageantry to religious discourse, the relationships of the medieval world will be rewritten by the way players engage with their subjects and their neighbours. Will players choose to be doting kings or royal despots? Saints or sinners? Heretics or zealous rulers of their very own faith?

Crusader Kings III is a unique historical sandbox game full of rich and colourful characters. It has been heavily praised for its considerable depth, grand strategy, and realistic dynasty simulation. The level of detail, even compared to similar games, is remarkable - featuring 3D models, genetics systems, government types, cadet branches, counties, levies, nomads, and more.

Crusader Kings III - Key Features:

Choose Your Setting - In Crusader Kings III, players can choose they culture and base of operations, selecting from the Byzantine Empire, Holy Roman Empire, Arab Caliph, or even Viking King.

Living World - Unlike other historical strategy games, Crusader Kings III promises a rich tapestry of interconnected stories. Romances, bravery, duplicity and greed will shape the empire, emperor and their dynasty.

Fascinating Events - From fiendish plots to usurp leadership to sacred pilgrimages, to give more flavour to every campaign there are hundreds of events that can shape history.