Crusaders of Solaria is a free to play fast-paced, side-scrolling brawler MMORPG for mobile and PC set in a high fantasy world. Choose between a Knight and Mage, hire mercenaries to form a party, and charge into battle. Form enduring friendships and make mortal enemies as you quest through the land, seeking adventure and fortune. You will grow stronger as you gain experience and get gold and gear. Grow in strength and ability enough, and you just may guarantee your name is one that the land never forgets!

Crusaders of Solaria Key Features

Join The Ranks - Join a guild and participate in mass-scale guild wars, and help boost your guild to the pinnacle of power. Every battle is better when fought in the company of stalwart companions.

Strengthen Your Forces - Mercenaries can be hired to bolster your forces, and ensure that no challenge you encounter will be too great.

Never Fight Alone - A hostile world isn't so scary with a loyal companion by your side. Crusaders of Solaria features many different pets that you can train that follow you into battle and boost your stats!

Endgame Content - Seek out and challenge fearsome World bosses which require a coordinated effort from multiple players to take down... and which yield the best loot imaginable.