Crush Online is a unique hybrid MMO which introduces MOBA style combat into a persistent MMO world where you participate not only in single matches, but also in an epic war! Choose between one of three warring factions and select from a wide array of characters, each one with unique strengths and skills, and fight to help shape the future of this persistent MMO world. Take part in epic tactical combat both with and against players from around the world and NPCs, and make your mark on the world. Crush Online isn't just about a single match, it's about the entire war! Do you have what it takes to help your side win it all?

Crush Online Key Features

Wide Variety - Choose from a wide array of different characters, from three different classes, and learn their strengths and weaknesses. With importance on the outcome of every match, it is crucial your character fit your playstyle!

Claim Territory - Enter into guild sized and faction vs faction clashes to claim glory, bragging rights, and seize control of crucial land and castles!

Persistent World - Make the best of your character and set up their skills and weapons, because you're fighting for more than a mark in a win or loss column; you're fighting for control of the world! Never has MOBA themed combat had such a large impact on the wider game.