CrushMon is an action packed mobile hack'n'slash RPG, where players will get to experience over 100 adventure maps full of exciting content including intense battles, terrifying dungeon missions, and much more. Defenders of corruption enter the eternal battle between light and darkness on their favorite iOS or Android device! Players find themselves on Sky Island, a sanctuary in the sky threatened by the God of Darkness. Heroes will emerge to bring back light to the world as they summon powerful pets to defend against the dreaded legions of darkness. Built using the Unity 3D engine, the hack ‘n’ slash action RPG will immerse fans of the genre in monster crushing battles!

CrushMon Key Features

Four unique hero classes: as the last line of defense to defeat the God of Darkness, players choose from Ares, the brave warrior; Kain, the master of archery; Tyria, the sorcerous of dark magic; and Marin, the cute, but powerfully destructive Hammerer;

Mighty pets to summon for battle: powerful pets emerge throughout the game to help players strengthen their skills in battles;

Hero upgrades and customization: mission rewards unlock new skills, pets, soul stones, weapons and more, allowing players to gain fresh upgrades and customize their heroes;

Asynchronous PvP and real-time co-op gameplay: players will run, roll, and crush a path over enemies through dungeons with or against a friend;

Rich content and action-packed mayhem: more than 100 adventure maps for players to explore villages and endless towers in both co-op and PvP game modes.