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Cuisine Royale Cuisine Royale Cuisine Royale Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale is an insane new take on the popular Battle Royale genre featuring kitchen-based combat that actually started out as an April Fool’s joke! It began as a mod for squad based MMO shooter Enlisted, but players demanded its return! Now, Cuisine Royale is a full stand alone title, and the kitchen has never been deadlier. Use pots and pans as armor, and defend yourself against your opponents’ culinary onslaught. Grab a pair of glasses and improve your accuracy, or chew on a cigar to become a real Tough Guy. Combat is designed to be fast paced, fun, and above all, honest; there are no paid advantages to be found, only cosmetic options. Grab a waffle maker and an AK47 and get into the fight!

Cuisine Royale Key Features

Culinary Chaos – Strap on a wok as a breastplate, a colander as a helmet, and sling a waffle iron across your back as a trauma plate. The kitchen hits the fan in Cuisine Royale.

Battle Royale – Thirty players in every battle start from different parts of the map, wearing only their underwear. The map shrinks in size as the game progresses, and there can be only 1 left standing!

Honest Loot Boxes – They are found around the battlefield, are completely free to open, and are labelled as to their contents. All you have to do is fight for it!

Get The Look – From glasses to improve your accuracy to a cigar to improve your toughness, appearances are everything. You can even get the prettiest panties, seriously!

Cuisine Royale

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System requirements

  • CPU:Intel Core i3
  • RAM:8 GB RAM
  • HDD:6 GB available space
  • Video:Nvidia GeForce 560 or better, AMD Radeon 77XX or better

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