The Culling is a multiplayer battle-royal survival shooter, in which players step into the role of contestants in the most brutal game show ever devised; The Culling! In The Culling, sixteen players, solo or in teams of two, are placed on a remote tropical island, and they then have 20 minutes to explore, scavenge items, craft weapons, build traps, and then hunt and kill each other. Poison gas is steadily being released, making the size of the arena containing the players grow smaller and smaller, and forcing players into closer proximity as the time goes by; the last contestant or team standing wins the game! Do you have the cunning, savagery, and resourcefulness required to win the prize?

The Culling Key Features

Brutal Battle Royal Gameplay - The Culling is the most intense battle-royal focused PvP game ever; players do not respawn on death! You must make every action count, but you must act; with the gas constricting the size of the arena, sooner or later, you must fight, or you will die.

Weapons And Combat - Combat in The Culling is very melee focused; get up close and brutal with everything from stone knives to spears to katanas! Ranged weapons do exist, but ammunition is rare, and melee players can disarm opponents armed with ranged weapons if they get too close.

Random Events - From airdrops of weapons and items to random events that the producers of the show introduce to spice things up, the stakes can change at a moment's notice. No two games will every be the same!

Customize Your Character - The Culling lets players choose 3 perks before the start of every match, which range from combat bonuses, to enhancements to crafting skills, to special items. All perks are available to all players immediately; there is no "unlocking" required. Tailor your contestant to your strategy.