Cultures Online is a 2D, Browser-Based MMORPG and MMORTS hybrid that places you in the role of a Viking leader, giving you full control over your own Viking village and heroes. The game features a number of MMORTS elements, such as village maintenance and economy management; however, its innovative combination with the MMORPG genre provides you with the ability to use heroes to attack faraway villages and an RPG style progression system utilizing experience gain and equipment. Whether you focus your attentions at home, or set sails and explore whatever is over the horizon, Cultures Online will test your wits and wisdom.

Cultures Online Key Features

Friendly and Bright - Adorable heroes and beautiful buildings right in your web browser!

Easy to Learn - Easy-to-learn battle system makes the game accessible to new strategy game players, but is deep enough to please vets.

Advance Your Village - Turn your Viking village into a metropolis. research new technologies, and more!

Online Fun - Play online and be part of a massive community. Band together with friends to form a tribe and take on quests together

Get The Bling - Equip your hero with items you find and stride off to face danger and adventure!