Cyberpunk Arena is an unusual science fiction multiplayer third-person shooter set in a beautiful and dynamic underwater world. You step into the role of an underwater android, equipped with a wide array of weapons and special skills to help her navigate this world beneath the waves. Following an unforseen accident, the underwater laboratory where your android was stationed was flooded. You are now free to swim around the complex and the surrounding waters as you wish. Engage in a plethora of PvE and PvP activities ranging from simply exploring the world, to fighting against enemy players, to facing off against deep-sea monsters, and more! This world below offers many sights and wonders, but many dangers as well.

Cyberpunk Arena Key Features

Choose Your Android - Choose one of the underwater androids and get into the game. Every android has her own characteristics such as speed, armor amount, and so on. You also have powerful weapons, which you can upgrade throughout the course of the game.

Explore And Experience - The world of Cyberpunk Arena is full of beauty and wonder. Explore the sunken labs, testing areas, and other facilities. Swim in the sea nearby, and marvel at the vast array of sights and sea creatures.

Fight And Win - From other players to fearsome sea creatures, danger and action abounds. Some sea creatures are merely a nuisance; others, such as immense undersea monsters, are incredibly dangerous. Compete against other players around the world for rankings, and show your stuff on the leaderboards.