Damoria is a free to play browser-based Medieval strategy game from Bigpoint, which lets you build and maintain your own cities and nations! Experience the medieval world of Damoria: Settler, knight or trader - choose the path you'll take to build your own village and settle the countryside. Found alliances, build up your armies and arm them to the teeth, and make your enemies cower before you. Form trade agreements with neighboring nations, and lead your people to prosperity. Do you have the wits and valor necessary to lead your people from the humblest beginnings to the height of power?

Damoria Key Features

Build A Nation - From the smallest village to a mighty, world-spanning empire, and at ever stage between, you must manage your cities and resources and put them to best use.

Forge Alliances - Strength can be found in numbers, both at a local and national level. Forge alliances with other nations, and stand fast against mutual threats.

Amass Your Armies - Build military forces to defend your people and lands, or take a more offensive stance, and expand your holdings by force! A stout shield and a sharp sword are the best form of diplomacy available.

Dominate Trade - Economic dominance is just as important to a burgeoning empire as military might. Control trade, and keep your coffers full!