Dark Ages is a free to play online role-playing game set in a fantasy world of faeries and magic. Dark Ages allows you the player to create your own characters choosing their name, gender, hairstyle, hair color, and path. You can battle monsters as a mighty Warrior, protect and heal as a Priest, use powerful magic as a Wizard, use the devious skills of a Rogue, or discover virtue and power with martial arts as a Monk. Once immersed in the world of Dark Ages, you can partake on quests, discover new lands, defeat powerful monsters, collect rare items and much more!

Dark Ages Key Features

Create Your Character - Create your avatar, choose from one of five versatile and widely different classes, and set off on adventure!

Explore The World - Adventure through the realm and discover lost treasures, explore forgotten locations, and encounter deadly adversaries!

Living World - Be a devout member of one of eight religions - you can even climb through the ranks of the clergy! Become part of politics, get married, and actually live the adventure!

Free To Play - You can enjoy Dark Ages as much as you wish for completely free! Explore, fight, train, befriend, and more, in this living world!