Dark and Light, also now known as Savage Horizon, began life as a Pay to Play fantasy sandbox survival MMORPG back in 2006, but was shut down in 2008; now, developer Snail Games is planning to launch it again via Steam, with graphics and gameplay updated to today's standards! Players stake their claim and shape the land with magic, creating their own niche in the world. Explore a game world spanning more than 40,000 square kilometers - yes, forty THOUSAND - and meet hundreds of exotic creatures and beings as you make your way. Explore. Fight. Survive. Shape.

Dark And Light Key Features

Three Factions - Three warring factions are fighting for control of the world, and they are free to attack one another at any time! Be on the lookout, always; enemies are everywhere.

Deep Character Customization - Choose from twelve races, from faeries to trolls to everything in between, and then select one of fourteen classes! Build exactly the character you want!

Massive, Dynamic World - Dark and Light's world is massive, spanning biomes from deserts to seas to harsh mountains, and all is waiting for you to explore it! The world is full of secrets waiting for discovery; it merely needs you to go find them!

Fight For Survival - Players from opposing factions can attack you virtually anytime, anywhere. Fight for survival against both the enemy and this vast and mysterious world!