Dark Eclipse is an ambitious Virtual Reality MOBA where you control a trio of heroes, known as "Leaders", in a battle to destroy the enemy base! Each of your heroes has a unique active ability and a passive ability, and you control them in full VR, freely moving them about the battlefield with unprecedented freedom. There is no need for a minimap; you simply look around you and you can view the entire battlefield! Maneuver your leaders and use their skills, build defensive towers, and use timing and tactics to destroy the enemy base!

Dark Eclipse Key Features

Control Your Leaders - Every player controls three leaders; one human character, called the "Hero" and two nonhuman characters, known as "Dominators". Each hero has unique active and passive abilities, and the timing of these skills and positioning of your leaders is key to victory!

Build Your Defenses - Amass a force of soldiers who will follow your leaders into battle and engage your opponents. Build strong defensive towers which not only attack enemy forces that approach, but which also provide you with à better view of the battlefield. Take the battle to your enemy and win the day!

Ways To Play - You can control the functions in the game via a standard PlayStation 4 controller, or by using the PlayStation Move controllers. You may use one hand or two, whatever feels more natural to you!