Dark Eden: Origin is a free to play dark fantasy MMORPG which places you into the shoes of a vampire or a slayer fighting an eons-old war. During the first centuries of the new millennium, the ongoing war between humans and vampires had destroyed the world. Centuries later, these two races - humans and slayers - both reawaken, despite the extinction of civilization as they knew it. It falls to you and your fellow players to rebuild the world into a thriving place, and to protect the progress you make against your enemies. Which side you choose is up to you!

Dark Eden: Origin Key Features

Push Back The Darkness - Whichever race you choose, you must fight to rebuild the world, and to retain your claim to it. Fight against powerful enemies, unlock hidden places and secrets, and learn more and more powers or skills.

Choose Your Role - Choose the path of the Slayer, and fight to save mankind from a second extinction at the hands of the vampires. Or, play as a Vampire, unlock the secrets of eternal life, and take final control of the world. Choose your power or weapon style, and get into the fight.

Unique Combat Styles - Vampires are much more powerful than slayers individually. They have a simple and straightforward combat system, relying on their power to defeat their enemies. Slayers have many more options for skills, weapons, and defenses. Weaker individually, slayers use timing and teamwork to deadly effect.