Dark Era is a free to play browser MMORPG from developer and publisher Game321 that takes players on a wild ride through time! In Dark Era, your character is spirited away from the current time to periods throughout history and mythology, where they must complete tasks, save important figures, and even manipulate the course of history itself. Heroes from all of these eras will ultimately form two rival factions, and it is up to you to travel through the timestream to save chrono heroes, obtain powerful artifacts, and drive demons back where they came from. Do you have the strength to travel through time, and the courage and resourcefulness to make it back home again?

Dark Era Key Features

Three Classes - Players can choose from Berserker, Assassin, and Wizard, and then customize their character's appearance. How a character progresses, particularly at higher levels, is quite fluid, with a player's playstyle and preferences influencing development.

Talent System - The talent system mirrors the class system by being split into three types - Wild, Life, and Rage - and each one contains 20 different skills which players can discover and use

Get the Gear - A deep gear system which maps different bonuses to different pieces of gear - dodge bonuses to boots, for example - makes seeking out treasure doubly rewarding!