Dark Genesis is the latest MMORPG to feature a slew of characters inspired by real-world mythology. This free-to-play fantasy title from Esprit Games tells a tale of ancient gods, world wonders, and the five elements as players are tasked with saving the world from imminent destruction. From the creators of mythology-laden titles such as League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury, this new browser-based idle MMORPG features dynamic battles, strategic gameplay, and unique floating islands to maintain.

Wage war with the aid of elemental demigod allies and help to restore the ancient gods to their former glory. Featuring a vibrant art style and 3D graphics, Dark Genesis can be played on PC, laptop, mobile or tablet. Which, when paired with its idle gameplay features, makes it a great title for the gamer on the go.

Dark Genesis Key Features

Create a Squad of Demigods - Mighty demigods who embody the elements of Fire, Earth, Forest, Light, and Darkness will fight by your side in your efforts to restore peace. Be sure to play to their strengths, calculate the risks, and deploy thought-out strategies to gain the upper hand in battles.

Idle Gameplay - AFK mechanics will allow you to carry on with other activities in the real world. In the meantime, your hero continues to battle it out and collect rewards in your absence. There is no need to pile hours and hours into grinding when you can instead focus your efforts on the good stuff. Like boss battles.

Trials and Bosses - Wage campaigns against fiendish creatures and bosses as you tackle in-game trials including Eternal Abyss, Ruin Hunt, and Magic Lamp.

Challenging PvP - It’s not just the AI-controlled beasties that threaten you. Whether it’s arena battles or clan-based warfare, competitive players can face off against one another. Emerge victorious and establish yourself as the most powerful player in the world of Dark Genesis.