Play Dark Odyssey for free and experience thrilling fantasy battles! There are no orcs in Greek mythology, but there are in Dark Odyssey. However, the free online role-playing game is only inspired by Homer's "Odyssey" and not a direct adaptation. It mixes individual aspects of it with a classic high-fantasy world in which an orc invasion stirs up fear. Brave heroes must stand in the way of evil, and you are one of them.

Your hero fights and you relax

In Dark Odyssey you can expect the typical everyday life of a hero who lives in a fantasy world full of monsters. You'll always get the chance to swing your sword. Battles are the main component of the hack and slay. They take place in real time and directly in the game world, instead of being outsourced to a separate screen and turn-based. You don't have to do anything yourself during the slashing. The developers of Dark Odyssey rely on idle gameplay. Your character acts automatically. He even jumps into battles when you are offline. Thus, you'll always progress in Dark Odyssey, even when you're not playing.

Dark Odyssey is not stingy with carrots

Progress is a good keyword, because progression is the main focus in the fantasy game. You'll diligently collect experience points, level up, thus increasing your stats and unlocking new abilities. Besides, you're constantly on the hunt for better and better equipment. You can also upgrade your items to get more out of them.

There is always something for heroes to do

There is a lot to do in Dark Odyssey. Not only can you explore outdoor areas, but you can also venture into dark dungeons. There are powerful world bosses that you'd better not face alone. However, you can also fight against other players by paying a visit to the PvP arena. On top of that, the MMORPG offers various mounts and pets, as well as different options to customize your character's look. How about a pair of beautiful wings, for example?