Dark Omen is a free to play browser-based fantasy MMORPG set in a world of darkness, a land abandoned by the gods and beset by demons. The future of the world depends on you, hero! Monsters roam the land, preying on mankind, and the gods have turned away from the cries of the people. Since the gods wont help, its up to you and your strength, by virtue of your demon ancestry. By harnessing your inner strength and growing in power, you can gain the skills needed to face down the most fearsome foes. Can you tame the demon within and step in to do what the gods will not?

Dark Omen Key Features

New Generation - Dark Omen strives to usher in a new generation of browser based MMOs, featuring bright graphics and engaging stories to deliver a more engaging and immersive game experience.

Upgrade And Customize - Enjoy near limitless possibilities for customizing and upgrading your hero. From your look to your weapons and skills, you can build a hero who really fits your style.

The Demon Within - Choose from two powerful game classes, depending on whether you like combat or magic. You can also turn into a demon in battle!

Loads To Do - Form a guild or join one with your friends. Fight in PvP matches in the arena or alongside your guild. Participate in special events, explore dangerous dungeons, and much more.