Dark Throne is a free browser-based and text based online game featuring interaction between thousands of players in a virtual fantasy world. Attacking and pillaging nearby kingdoms, defending against incoming attacks, and sending covert spy missions against other players are just some of the unique and challenging online gaming experiences found in Dark Throne. Immerse yourself in a turn-based world where choices matter more than circle-strafe skills. Dark Throne also includes customizable profiles, an expansive alliance system, online friends lists, a message center, and forum. These features power an experience designed to promote social interaction and foster friendships between players.

Dark Throne Key Features

Pick A Race - Choose between four unique races: Undead, Humans, Goblins, Elves. Each one has its own strengths and traits, so choose wisely.

Vox Populi - Train citizens as workers, offensive or defensive soldiers, and spies. Your people are your strongest asset.

Build An Army Worthy - Equip your army with weapons and armor. Sharp swords and stout shields rule all.

Social Gameplay - Play with friends, create your own alliance, and communicate via the in game message system.

Be You - Create a character profile with a custom avatar and be who you want to be! Personalization is the name of the game.