Darkfall: New Dawn, also simply known as Darkfall, is a successor to, and continuation of, Darkfall Online, a brilliant open-world fantasy sandbox MMORPG which launched in 2009 and closed down in 2012. Darkfall: New Dawn is a licensing and relaunching process which is focused on bringing the unique gameplay and experience of Darkfall Online back! Characters in Darkfall: New Dawn are completely free of restrictions; there are no classes, no "archetypes". Instead, players pick and choose from a multitude of skills and spells that increase with use, letting players design the exact character they enjoy playing! There are no mages, warriors or rangers, only combatants that use whatever tools they can to reach victory. Step into the world of Darkfall and choose which faction you will fight for; the united alliance of Humans, Elves, and Dwarves, or the Orks and Wolfmen who oppose them.... or will you fight for the Alfars, the cave-dwelling children of the gods themselves? Your destination is up to you!

Darkfall: New Dawn Key Features

Skill Based Advancement - Darkfall gives you complete freedom over the development of your character; you do what you like, and you get better at it, period. Players in Darkfall: New Dawn are not restricted by rigid class systems or archetypes.

Huge Open World - Go where you want, when you want - provided you can handle the risks! There are no safe places in Darkfall; players may attack one another anytime, anywhere. Are you willing to take great risks to seek great rewards?

Actions Have Consequences - All player interactions are meaningful, and can impact the flow of the game. With an alignment and factional system in place, all actions have consequences... so think before you do.