Darkmoon Realm is an idle-like browser game that fits the fantasy MMORPG mold without demanding the hours of grinding that typically comes with it. From the offset, players can run the game in the background with a substantial autoplay feature that takes care of harvesting XP and looting, allowing for a far more casual gaming experience.

In Darkmoon Realm, players are tasked with maximizing their Battle Rating by tearing through dungeons, enhancing their gear, and ensuring their companions are up to scratch. By teaming up with and taking on fellow players, you can ensure your place as the best of the best.

Earn XP and Enhance Your Gear

Assume the role of Warrior, Mage, or Priest and battle your way through multiple dungeons and quests to amass XP and unlock more features of the game. By looting fallen bosses and dismantling obsolete loot, you can maximize the potential of your equipment through powerful enhancements that will ensure your continued victories.

Battle Alongside Partners

Through quests and daily events, you can amass a team of companions to aid you in your endeavors. With customizable gear and Partner Traits, you can optimize their load-outs and work out the most effective combinations for defeating your enemies. Power up your companions through the Partner Merge feature to increase their overall stats. With a powerful team by your side and fully-enhanced gear, you can dominate your enemies.

Guilds and PvP

Join up with fellow players in lucrative guilds, which will unlock previously inaccessible features to further increase your power. By teaming up with guild members you can ensure that your character is fit to take on other players in the Ladder - a PvP arena that could see you top the leader-board of your individual server. Use your gear and partners wisely, and you can climb the ranks and top the charts.