DarkScape is an experimental, free to play sandbox MMORPG where open world PvP for control of trade and trade routes are the norm, not the exception! From the makers of Runescape, and set in the same fantasy world, players must carve a niche for themselves in a dangerous and unpredictable world. By exploring, trading between regions, and combat, players will make their fortunes and increase their fame. In DarkScape, nowhere is truly safe; PvP is always "on", and while players may be safer in large cities, under the watchful eyes of powerful guards, nowhere in the realm is truly safe.

DarkScape Key Features

A Legacy Of Adventure - DarkScape is set in the world of Runescape, so it benefits from years of development and content the moment it is launched, and yet is completely free to play!

Trust No One - Danger is everywhere, and the farther you venture from large cities, the greater the risk; fortunes are made by travelling to the most dangerous regions and bringing goods back to the more civilized locales for sale or trade. To make it all, you must risk it all, trading between regions... or killing and robbing those who do!

Dynamic Development - Where DarkScape goes is up to the players! The development team will release new updates and content based on player's desires and actions; help shape the world!