Dauntless is a free to play co-op action RPG for PC in which players work together to overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and defy extinction. Get ready to discover a shattered world of magical islands which shift and change with time; the world itself is alive. To survive, you must forge powerful weapons and hunt the ferocious behemoths threatening the last remnants of mankind. The fearsome monsters known as Behemoths draw their incredible power from aether, and they seek only to consume the world. Can you and your companions work together to stop them? Or is the extinction of mankind unavoidable?

Dauntless Key Features

Master The Hunt - Players must work together to overcome the Behemoths. Get ready to hone your skills against these unforgiving monsters. Hunt together in teams and bring them down; remember, it is them or you.

Crafting That Matters - Prepare to craft your legacy. Collect resources and create powerful hammers, swords, and other weapons, as well as stout armor and more. Learn to craft literally hundreds of useful items!

Reclaim Your Home - This wonderful realm is a world of floating islands and ever changing landscapes. This is home. You must fight for it, and for each other, if you wish to avoid extinction!