Dawn of Gods is a free to play mobile strategy game which lets you harness the powers of more than 100 different gods from Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythology. Crush your enemies with the powers of gods like Zeus, Thor, Ra, and many others, and victory shall be yours. In this war of gods, you start out as a minor god with only a few followers. As you adventure and fight and grow, you will gain more and more heroic followers. With such heroes behind you, you can crush your opposition and claim your rightful place at the top. The Dawn of Gods is upon us, so prepare for war in the most epic strategy game ever!

Dawn Of Gods Key Features

Harness The Power - Summon or fight against more than 180 different gods, demigods, and heroes. The earth itself will tremble before the might of the gods!

Massive PvP Battles - Five different mobile RTS battle modes await. Fight against players from all over the world and send your troops, heroes, and gods into epic battles between immense armies.

Loads Of PvE - Conquer cities and secure resources as you expand and upgrade your base. Learn how to fight against diverse enemies and how to overcome unforeseen challenges.

Found A Guild - Form an alliance with your friends, support each other in battle, and crush your rivals in the Alliance War.

Strategic Depth - Train and evolve your gods to gain in power. Discover lost relics and use them to strengthen your gods, buildings, and units. Let your units go on their own or manage their movement. Loads of options await.

Gripping Adventure - You begin as a minor demigod, but you will grow in power as you earn followers and fight against the forces of chaos.