Days of Evil is a free to play browser strategy game with a focus on epic fantasy combat. Step into the role of a sinister scientist from the 28th century who travels back through time to use your knowledge of science not for good, but to gain absolute power. Things went a bit sideways, though, and now you're stranded on a foreign planet. The goal here is to subjugate this new world to your reign of terror as you grow into the role of an all-powerful and invincible deity. To achieve this goal, you'll have to put together a powerful fighting force of the strongest and most dreadful creatures found on this planet to sweep away your many enemies and competitors. Can you do it?

Days Of Evil Key Features

Manage Your Resources - You'll also need to establish an efficient source of income to fund the development of new technologies and research and acquire powerful weapons and artifacts.

Amass An Army - Build an army from a wide variety of units and creatures, and whip them into the leanest, meanest, baddest fighting force ever seen

Conquer This World - When stuck in an alternate dimension, the only thing for any self respecting mad scientist to do is take over the world, so get to it!