Days of War is a buy to play fast-paced World War Two shooter featuring 32 player infantry combat in a high fidelity environment. Days of War harkens back to simpler times. Times where infantry combat was gritty and personal. Times when teamwork was required to turn the tides of battle. Fast paced, class based combat means each soldier has his role when the Allied forces collide with the Nazi war machine. Get your gear and get in the fight! Like in true World War Two warfare, combat in Days of War is hectic and deadly. Survival is wholly dependent on teamwork. Victory is dependent on grit and guts. From the beachhead to the forests to the streets, you'll be fighting every step of the way. Do you have what it takes?

Days Of War Key Features

Classic Competetive FPS Combat - Days of War takes you back to an era in gaming when marksmanship, skill, knowledge of the map and tactical cunning pave your path to victory.

Team Based Combat Roles - Take your pick of 9 well defined classes and get into the fight. Gear up with over 20 weapons, each with distinct strengths and weaknesses!

Realistic And Varied Battlefields - Fight in tight city streets and wide open beaches. The varied locations are further brought to live with varied weather conditions.

Authentic WW2 Warfare - Enjoy unmatched realism brought to you through motion captured soldier animations, maps designed using photogrammetry, and laser scanned weapon models!

Devoted Community Support - With dedicated server hosting and modding support, there is no end to what players in Days of War can create.