DDTank is a free-to-play 2D/3D turn-based action MMO shooter similar to games like Worms and Gunbound; however, unlike these titles DDTank can be played entirely through your Internet browser. DDTank requires no download or lengthy sign-up process, yet still offers a full turn-based action MMO experience allowing you to play alongside friends or against them in team-based, strategic action hybrid gameplay! From the bright and colorful graphics to the focus on daily rewards and quick gameplay, to the wide range of powerful and unique weapons, it's all about fun, fast paced combat!

DDTank Key Features

Intense Battles - Don't let the cute graphics fool you; these guys mean business when they're on the battlefield!

Gameplay Variety - Players can choose various PvE and PvP challenges, for players of every skill level. There's always something to do, a battle to fight, a prize to win!

Powerful Weapons - Your soldiers can wield a wide range of awesome weapons. Unleash them on your opponent!

Daily Rewards - There are quests and tasks to complete ever day, which earn useful rewards for you and your soldiers, every time you log in!

## Can I still play DDTank?

The message at their old host site reads: The future operation rights of "DDTank" will be transferred to the developer's game system 7Road Platform, and they will continue to provide customer service support, version updates and other services under its Original name "DDTank". Going down that rabbit hole leads to a variety of sites which claim to host it, but none seem to work at the time-of-checking. We suspect it's unlikely a browser versino of the games would survive the death of Flash. If you want to play DDTank in 2022 onwards, your best bet is to try Mobile DDTank.