Dead Earth is a Free Persistent Browser Game set 100 years in the future where corporations are vying for total control of the asteroids to supply an ever more desperate Earth. In the not so distant future, Earth's resources are all but depleted. Major corporations have sprung up, mining resources from asteroids and making a tidy profit in the bargain. You are in control of one of a fledgling asteroid mining corporation, and the stars are the limit! Run your business well and you just might wind up in control of a new corporate empire, spanning the solar system! Play against thousands of people online and test your management skills.

Dead Earth Key Features

Research - Research more than 100 different technologies.

Explore - Discover, colonize and invade asteroids across the reaches of space.

Customize - Design your own ships and customize your asteroid bases with a large selection of modules.

Discover - Discover more than 60 special items and use them to build your empire.

Experience - Go it alone, or use diplomacy and teamwork to win!