Dead Island: Epidemic is a MOBA game is being developed by Stunlock Studios using the Unity game engine. It is published by Deep Silver, scheduled for a PC-exclusive release. Unlike previous Dead Island games, Epidemic is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena pitting multiple 4 player teams against hordes of zombies (PvE) as well as against each other (PvP) in a battle for supplies. Trailers even went as far as to give it its own genre, namely ZOMBA or Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Adventure. To date, PvP is only available in a three-team free-for-all (4v4v4) mode, though a two-team (4v4) mode is planned.

Dead Island: Epidemic is played from a third-person overhead isometric perspective. The player controls one of several selectable characters, initiating special attacks and moving via the keyboard, while initiating basic attacks and aiming via the mouse. Specific objectives vary depending on the mode of combat, but in all modes Walkers, Infected, and various Special Zombies spawn and attack the player, and must be killed or avoided. Various items can be obtained via combat, either in the course of gameplay or as a reward for completing certain tasks. Items can be anything from crafting components to weapons to Blueprints.

Outside of combat modes, the player is returned to the "Crib", where they can manage inventory, select characters, or craft weapons and other items. Items and character unlocks can also be purchased via an in-game currency, obtained either during combat modes or by purchasing directly using real-world currency.

Dead Island: Epidemic Key Features:

  • Explore the zombie-infested island with your friends

  • Participate in large scale PVP battles complete with zombies

  • More undead variations ever found in a Dead Island game.

  • Give your weapons a little TLC and upgrade them for better damage

  • PvPvPvP - the more, the merrier