Dead Target is a free to play mobile-based shooter where you must survive against an endless horde of zombies. The only tools at your disposal are your wits, a few weapons, and a bit of good luck. In 2040, World War III happened, and the Earth was changed forever. Countries rose and fell, power was gained and lost. The worst, however, was project Dead Target, a program implemented to transform prisoners into super-evil combat machines. CS Corporation, the company behind Dead Target, had their own agenda, and unleashed the Dead Target contagion on an entire city. A special commando team has been sent in to collect as much information as possible, so a counterattack can be mounted. You are one of those commandos. You are the last and best hope for mankind.

Dead Target Key Features

Free And Fun - Killing zombies is simply fun. Enjoy the feeling of slaying large assault of zombies pushing toward you. They're already dead, after all.

Immersive Gameplay - 3D graphics and realistic lighting provide an immersive feeling. Ragdoll physics help ensure that every grenade blast and explosion is hilarious.

Hordes Of Zombies - Zombies come in many forms, with a wide range of abilities. Some transmit their virus, others employ special attacks. Learn their weaknesses and destroy them.

Weapons And Gadgets - Equip and use multiple weapon types, from rifles and machine guns to grenade launchers. As you rank up, you will unlock ever more powerful guns.

Quests And Achievements - Complete quests to rank up and unlock more fun items. The weirder the achievement, the more rewarding the prize!

Leaderboard - Compare your progress to friends around the world. Can you climb to the highest ranks?

Loads Of Maps - Hundreds of different battle and map combinations await. Defend a frontline against waves of assault, investigate a prison that was used for experiments, and much more.