Dead Union is a free to play hardcore mobile 3D shooter and strategy game where you must construct a base and deploy hordes of zombies to do your bidding! Dead Union focuses on PvP play, allowing you and your team of zombies to face off against other would-be zombie commanders from all over the world; build traps, position your minions, and when all else fails, open fire! With diverse game modes and challenges to complete, lots of weapons and traps to use, and an endless stream of zombies to shoot, Dead Union is simply a lot of zombie-blasting fun. Get your ammo and blast a few!

Dead Union Key Features

Lots Of Weapons - Dead Union allows players access to an arsenal of 29 different weapons, each with different uses, attacks, and strengths. Pick a favorite, or master them all! Eleven different types of traps add to the tactical flexibility... and the zombie-killing fun!

Lots Of Zombies - The different zombies each have their own special skills, and in fact, their own stories and origins; however, feel no pity for them, or they will make you one of them!

Lots Of Game Modes - Dead Union offers plenty of variety, with a number of diverse challenges, game modes, and objectives. Escort targets, survive against endless waves of zombies, and fight against other players!

Command Zombies - A unique gameplay element is that zombies are not only the targets, but they're also a tactical asset! You can conjure and control various types of zombies and use them in your battles!