Deathtrap is a buy to play tower defense game for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4, with strong action RPG elements, a game of lethal deathtraps and splattering blood. Beyond the boundary of the mortal world lies a chain of fortresses and strongholds that were built to keep the horrors of the otherworld at bay, to defend the world from the darkness. Now, the monsters have returned from the void, and only you and that chain of ancient strongholds stand in their way. Players in Deathtrap must choose their hero and defend their fortress, and chop, splatter, and blast the invading forces of darkness to bits. Do you have what it takes to hold the line, and save humanity from the forces of evil?

Deathtrap Key Features

Unique - Deathtrap is a fast paced unique blend of tower defense, strategy, and RPG; immerse yourself in the action and defend the world from the onslaught of evil! It's just you and your traps versus the entire otherworld!

Multiplayer - Players can team up with their friends and fight together against the tide of evil, or they can take each other on in a battle of savagery and wits; Deathtrap has modes for all tastes!

Choose Your Class - Players can select from the Mercenary, the Sorceress, and the Marksman, each with different strengths and tactics. In addition, each character can increase in power to level 100, and unlock more than 50 unique skills as they grow in experience.

Blood And Guts - Deathtrap is a gory game; if you like graphic action, you need look no further. Show no mercy to the invading monsters, and chop, burn, and blast them to pieces!

Rewards - From rewards for exploring the corners of the world to legendary weapons, players in Deathtrap can unlock extras and powerups in many ways. Leave no stone unturned... and no monster unkilled!