Deckbound Heroes is a competitive multiplayer strategy CCG, and it is the first in the Deckbound series of hybrid CCGs across different genres that all use the same collection of cards. Compete across a series of rounds and games with a single deck, taking opportunities to occupy outposts on the map and leverage your abilities to defeat your opponent. You can play Deckbound Heroes against human and AI opponents. Players build and play with a points-based deck, battling it out across a variety of maps, each with varying mechanics. In Deckbound Heroes there is no RNG or card draw. Players have full visibility of their opponent’s deck and abilities, so strategy and timing is paramount! Come experience a completely new spin on CCGs, and get ready to step into the wider world of Deckbound!

Deckbound Heroes Key Features

Deterministic Play - There is no RNG or card draw. As you play, you are able to see your opponent’s deck and abilities at all times. Strategy wins, not luck.

Rounds And Matches - Play in best of 3 games and across competitive matches on multiple maps with the same deck.

Points Based Deck Building - Because Deckbound cards are unique and unlock additional abilities as levelled, decks are built using a points system. This helps prevent a deck of all "power cards".

Heroes And Deities - Choose a hero to play as, leading your charge in the fight. Each hero has a deity affinity that provides different bonuses and restrictions on your deck.

Different Maps, Different Strategies - Experience a wide array of locations. Each map has different outposts, each with their own abilities.

Side Board / Card Swaps - Swap cards between games in competitive play to help adjust to unexpected strategies used by your opponent.

Deckbound Caryd System - The Deckbound card system allows players to use the same collection of cards in different games, and also to trade, lend and exchange cards.