Deep Space Colony is a browser-based free to play MMO strategy game where you build a colony on one of three faraway planets and lead it to greatness and prosperity. Take command of a fledgling colony and engage in trade, establish relations and alliances with your neighbors on your planet, and send your fleet of starships to the far corners of the galaxy to visit other planets. However, whether you send those ships out for peace or war is up to you! From mining and speculating on the market, to crushing your neighbors and stealing their holdings, Deep Space Colony offers loads of way for you to lead your people to greatness. Which path will you take?

Deep Space Colony Key Features

Lead The Way - You take command of a colony settled on one of three planets in a faraway galaxy, alongside thousands of other aspiring colonies. Those on your planet will be friendly to you. Those on other worlds may be friend or foe. Beware!

Industrial And Economic Opportunities - From mining ores and refining resources to feed manufacturing centers, to trading in ships and finished goods, speculating on the market, and forging trade deals with neighbors, a powerful economy is critical.

Visit Your Neighbors - Take your fleets of ships to visit the other planets in the galaxy. You can mine the asteroids in these other systems, form alliances, or attack them and loot what you can. Be warned - they might attack you too!

Climb The Ladder - In addition to amassing power and wealth, and leading your people to prosperity, you can also climb a political hierarchy. You can even become Senator of your planet, and manage the budget, set doctrines, and much more!