Deepolis is a browser based action MMORPG that offers players the chance to battle it out in submarines under the ocean. Dive into the amazing world Deepolis, where underwater mayhem is the order of the day. Take a deep breath and dive down into the abysmal depths of the 3D oceans to experience the quakes and rapture of underwater combat. Duke it out against fellow submarine-men in exhilarating battles and navigate your very own submarine through the mysterious sub-aquatic world. Test your mettle in these unknown ocean rifts by using your tactical and trading skills, and by attacking your enemies where they least expect it. Their confederations and fleets will crumble beneath the pressure of the depths!

Deepolis Key Features

Explore The Deep - Delve deep into the ocean's 3D depths, and explore the mysteries, wonders, and secrets of the deep sea. Here, the depths are your home.

Live The Adventure - Take on the role of under water admiral commanding a submarine in a three-dimensional underwater world, with the aim of completing quests and sinking other players and NPCs. As you adventure, you will gain experience points (EP) and advance ever upward!

Social Fun - The game supports player clans, both for PVP and PVE play, so you can explore, adventure, and fight alongside - or against - friends from all over the world.