Deepworld is a free to play massively-multiplayer 2D crafting adventure game set in a steampunk-esque universe. Mine and craft your way through a persistent online universe where there's always something new to discover! Now available for Windows, iOS, and Mac, and coming soon to Android. Find your way through mountains, caves, and ruins filled with danger and reward, or venture into cities built by fellow players. Deepworld is always online in the cloud, so it's easy to hop on and play with your friends! Follow them in-game and easily find them when you play. What will you make? Who will you be?

Deepworld Key Features

Complete Quests - Complete achievements to earn large amounts of XP and help you level up! From Mining to Exploring to Dungeoneering, there are achievements for all sorts of activities.

Mine, Scavenge, and Scrounge - You need resources to make things, so you'd better go get them! You can find them through mining, exploring, and in a host of other ways.

Craft Your Stuff - Once you've found some resources, it's simple enough to get started crafting and building. Just open up the crafting tab in your inventory and start pressing items that you want to build! I

Train Your Skills - There are eleven different skills for you to upgrade, and each provides advantages and abilities. Each skill can go up to level 10; earn a skill point every time you level up!

Play Together - Share spaces and resources with other players, and work, play, and build together! Be careful, though; some players may want to destroy all you create!