Defiance 2050 is a free to play futuristic MMO action shooter set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world filled with advanced alien technology. Developed for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, Defiance 2050 lets players team up with friends in cooperative battles. The next chapter in the Defiance story, Defiance 2050 is designed to take advantage of current generation hardware. Get ready for gameplay systems for character progression, loadout customization, immersive and engaging storyline quests, and much more! Fans and players of the original Defiance can even transfer some of their progress to the new game, and begin their adventure a step ahead of the crowd.

Defiance 2050 Key Features

Play Together - Team up with your friends for cooperative action and take on all comers. Win or lose, gameplay with friends is always more fun.

Experience The Tale - Explore the post-apocalyptic land around you and discover the stories behind it all. What happened to the world? Where did this tech come from? What is my quest?

Get The Goods - No shooter is complete without guns and gear. Discover and unlock weapons and items which will give you the edge you crave in combat.

Free To Win - Defiance 2050 offers a true free to play model. The only items available in the cash shop are cosmetic and convenience items; no gameplay advantages can be purchased.