Dekaron is a fast-paced. free to play PvP-centric fantasy MMORPG with a reputation as one of the most violent MMOs ever. The Gods have been pushed back and Humans have almost been wiped out. Karon, leader of the Demons, has temporarily been banished back to the Great Darkness. Banning together, survivors built their last bastion of resistance to the roaming Demons, their new city - Arcana. Knowing they were powerless against the Gods and Demon's onslaught, a group Humans are preparing their weapons and magic for their inevitable confrontation. They are the resistance against evil and humanities last hope... and you are among their number. This is the time of the Dekaron.

Dekaron Key Features

Loads Of Classes - From the sword and shield wielding Azure Knight to the lethal arrows of the Segita Hunter to the dark magic of the Black Wizard, select from one of 12 unique classes. Further customize their equipment and gear for even more personalization!

Massive PvP Battles - A massive PvP battle where servers, levels, and so on are simply unimportant; it's all about the fight. Win special gear to enhance your PvP prowess!

Siege Mode - A large scale Guild vs Guild war to take Genoa Castle! One guild defends, one guild attacks, and when the rubble and smoke clears, the best guild is left standing.

Instanced Dungeons - Enter instanced dungeons, designed for either a solo player or an entire party. These dungeons scale, and different ranks offer greater rewards if you can complete them within the allotted time!

Pets And Mounts - Hatch pets and collect mounts; you never need travel alone! Your loyal companions will accompany you on your epic journey, assisting in picking up items and money along the way.