Demon Crusade is a new free-to-play browser-based MMORPG developed by NGames Interactive Ltd and is playable via the Game321 portal. In the game, players take the role of crusaders who journey through Devil Land as they try to save the Demon Temple from utter destruction. Explore Devil Land and immerse yourself in its rich lore. Partner up with various NPCs and strengthen your bonds as you conquer obstacles and defeat various monsters that lurk in this unforgiving world. Join Arenas and compete with other players to earn fame, as well as plunder magic gear from your enemies. The choice is yours!

Demon Crusade Key Features

Never Fight Alone - Use NPC partners to play together in Demon Crusade. They are key to the gameplay experience and add their own skills in the turn-based combat and you can nurture a strong bond between them.

Diverse Battlefield - There are many battlegrounds to take part in and you can use the friendships with your Partner and Heroes to your advantage. So think ahead tactically and be prepared!

Simple To Sign Up - Smooth turn-based combat is key to the style of the game, and no download is required - just sign in and enjoy the game in the comforts of your browser!

Your Home Is Your Castle - Build your own house, complete with Witch!