Demon Hunter: The Cursed Blood is a three-dimensional free to play ARPG that brings high-quality visuals and stunning battles to life. You are a young hero who is tasked with protecting the land of Thira from an army of demonic darkness. Choose your class; will you take the fight to the demons as a mage, warrior or assassin? Once you've made your choice, you set off for adventure, facing down terrible monsters and gaining power. The blood of the demon hunter, those chosen to stand against this darkness, flows in your veins. If you are lucky, bold, and skilled, you could be the one to defeat the Demon Lord and save Thira!

Demon Hunter: The Cursed Blood Key Features

Choose Your Role - Choose your class from mage, warrior, or assassin, each of which has unique strengths, weaknesses, and skills. The choice of class is important; choose wisely!

Gain In Power - Unlock and empower new abilities by adventuring and discovering new gear and artifacts. You can empower yourself and your gear in a number of ways; all help you gain an edge.

Daily Events - Daily activities and events provide fun, tough challenges but offer rich rewards. Demon Hunter: The Cursed Blood ensures you've always got plenty of monsters to fight and treasures to win.

Defeat The Demons - Take the fight to the darkness threatening Thira. You can enter the Rift or Limbo, and fight against potent demons. You can also team up with other players to battle monstrous raid bosses.