Demon's Souls is a MMORPG designed by FromSoftware for the PlayStation 3 console where players enter the role of a hero in a dark fantasy world. The game focuses on challenging combat and on gathering loot throughout non-linear locations. The integration of a unique multiplayer element integrated into single player play adds an extra dimension of fun. Players can leave one another warnings about dangerous locations, and can team up to face particularly dangerous challenges together. Widely praised for its challenging combat, its immersive dark fantasy setting, and its rewarding gameplay, Demon's Soul delivers a truly unique and fun game experience.

Demon's Souls Key Features

Demanding Combat - Combat in Demon's Souls has often been compared to its spiritual successor Dark Souls due to the intensely demanding combat. Hardcore combat is not for everyone, but great risks bring great rewards!

Non-Linear World - The fictional kingdom of Boletaria is beset by a cursed fog which brings with it demons and monsters who seek to feed on mortal flesh. Explore the length and breadth of the world, and find a load of loot in the process.

Play Alone, Play Together - Much of the gameplay centers around single player stories and exploration, but players can team up and work together, leave one another warnings, and interact in many other ways.