Descent Underground is a VR compatible first person action shooter which emphasizes six degrees of freedom in gameplay, where players fly through twisting caverns and labyrinthine dungeons where petty concepts like "up" and "down" lose all meaning. Descent Underground is a prequel to the original Descent, updated to take advantage of modern hardware and the powerful Unreal 4 engine, yet staying true to the original Descent's freeform flight, arcade-style combat, and twisting, turning levels, but this is no fancy reskin. With destructible Voxel maps, customizable ships and upgradeable weapons, the only question that remains is if you can handle the vertigo-inducing gameplay?

Descent Underground Key Features

Multiplayer Action - Descent Underground emphasizes fast paced multiplayer combat utilizing all six degrees of freedom. Compete in individual and team matches, and spin, climb, and dive your way to victory!

Voxel Environment - The environment in the game can be destroyed and mined; you can find many items, from powerups to hidden areas, by occasionally deciding that a wall simply must die.

Single Player Story Mode - Learn the controls and the story of the world of Descent Underground by playing through a fun single player campaign.

Ranked PvP Play - Players can prove their prowess through the ranking and leaderboard system, unlocking achievements and simply proving they're the best!

Customizable - Ships and weapons can be customized and upgraded to best suit your needs and more readily annihilate your enemies! Players can even create their own levels and maps!

Insane Free Form Flight - The original twisty, turny flight shooter is back. Compatible with the Oculus Rift, Descent Underground offers unmatched flight simulation and dynamics.