Desert Blitzis a free to play strategy warfare game played in your browser. Prove your leadership skills as commander in chief of your forces in Rakistan, a central Asian republic on the brink of economic and social upheaval. Use different tactical opportunities to master your opponent and to capture the world's last oil resources. Desert Blitz takes place in the future, where the world's economy has broken down. The leading industrial countries failed in providing alternative energies well enough to sustain their fragile economies.

You are the ultimate commander in Desert Blitz! Build your own base in Rakistan and delve into new technologies. Utilize tactical invasions and airstrikes to sabotage your enemies! Train your pioneers to build additional bases, gain resources and slowly conquer your enemies, and consolidate your power and your hold on the region!

Desert Blitz Key Features

Establish A Foothold - Rakistan needs strong, stable leadership to properly capitalize on its vast resources. Step into the shoes of that leader, and prove yourself!

Consolidate Your Power - Protect your interests and your people with military might. Be prepared; neighboring nations will stop at nothing to claim Rakistan's vast oil reserves for themselves!

Different Kind Of Strategy Game - Desert Blitz allows you to perform all levels and types of military operations, from secret commando raids to massive air strikes resulting in large-scale invasions. Here you have the opportunity to prove your skill as a military commander!