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Desert Operations

Desert Operations is a 2D browser-based desert warfare MMORTS set in the modern world that utilizes Sim City-like visuals to create a high-quality strategic game field.  Build a modern empire and command your troops into battle; though be warned, only the strong survive in this world of high-stakes warfare. Player vs. Player (PvP) combat is always a threat; your enemies require your territory for success, and you theirs. Players are thrust directly into the struggle for global power and raw materials, where alliances can made, wars can be declared, and trade can be driven… or disrupted. Have you got what it takes to win in the fast paced and deadly world of modern desert warfare?

Desert Operations Key Features

Build Your Forces – Build and command diverse and effective units, from main battle tanks and attack helicopters to air defense systems and infantry equipped with cutting-edge technology!

Expand Your Territory – Attack your foes, and take their stuff; beware, however, they want to do the same to you! It’s a fight for territory, and only the strongest forces, led by the shrewdest commanders, will hold the field.

Forge Alliances – Alliances are an integral part of modern warfare; team up with friendly players to destroy mutual enemies. After all, there is strength in numbers; just beware, an ally can become an enemy in the blink of an eye!


Desert Operations

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