Detached is a virtual reality space exploration and survival game with single and multiplayer modes and gameplay uniquely designed for VR headsets. You find yourself trapped in an abandoned space station, Now, you must race against borrowed time to find your crew before your oxygen supply runs out. As you solve puzzles to open airlocks, locate power cores and disable transmitters, something tells you that you won’t be alone when you finally escape the station's confines. Experience intense gameplay, full 360 degree movement, and a gripping environment so real you can practically touch it. Strap yourself in for hardcore gameplay uniquely designed for VR headsets!

Detached Key Features

Tools To Survive – Hit targets with lock-on missiles built into your suit. Master weapon cool down times before your opponent gets the upper hand. Gain temporary immunity with the shield skill. Exploit boosting tunnels to gain a speed advantage. Above all, survive against all odds.

Learn How Space Works – Get to grips with your spacesuit’s controls in a zero-G environment through a dynamic tutorial before venturing into outer space. FPS-style steering will introduce newbies and those sensitive to VR playing to the hardcore VR experience. Full 360 degree movement, rotation, and acceleration let you experience space as never before.

Play Your Way – Single-player mode makes full use of the VR headset, giving you the chance to interact with the tranquil expanse of space. Multiplayer pits you against your friends in an entirely new take on capture the flag. Race against each other to gather the necessary skills and complete your mission!