Deus Vult is an action packed virtual reality online medieval fighting game which uses cutting-edge weapon physics to make you feel like a real knight! A vast array of weapons await you. You can use a spear, and keep your enemies at a distance, or you can get in close with an axe and chop them up. You can fight with a shield for extra defense, or throw caution to the wind and attack with a weapon in each hand; the choice is yours! Design your character's appearance, meet other players in the tavern, get into battles and brawls, and live up the Knight life!

Deus Vult Key Features

Build Your Knight - Create a character and customize them to your heart's content. From your armor and appearance to the weapons you will wield, the choices are yours!

Varied And Fun - Face off in best of 5 1vs1 matches in a dozen different maps, each with fun and unique traits. Wield more than a dozen weapons, depending on your whims and tastes.

AI Training - You can train and get used to the weapon based physics against AI opponents so you're prepared to face other players. The AI has 4 levels of difficulty to help you prepare for the real deal!

Social Experience - You can meet other players and hang out in a virtual tavern. Make new friends - and enemies - all in shared virtual reality space!