Diaspora: Mass Exodus is a science fiction sandbox MMORPG where you buy a ship, head into the stars, and do whatever it is you desire. Where you go is truly up to you; how do you choose to make a living? How large of a mark do you wish to leave on the stars? Do you want to work with people for progress, or take what you can, when you can? Ahead of you lie planets to explore and colonize, aliens to fight, and even empires to build. Where will you go when the sky is really the limit? If you enjoy games like Freelancer or EVE Online, Diaspora: Mass Exodus is a game for you.

Diaspora: Mass Exodus Key Features

Sandbox Spaceship Fun - You can explore the stars, mine for rare minerals, play the trade market, or become a feared pirate. Whatever you like to do, you can do - just be willing to accept the results!

Alone Or Together - Take to the stars alone, and work to become the most feared pilot in the galaxy. Or team up with others, and build something greater than any one of you could achieve alone.

Customize Your Ship - Your ship is customizable; you can configure it for combat or exploration, for trade or mining, and so on. Your ship is your most important possession; use it well!

Build An Empire - Colonize planets and manage their operation. Manage your guild's bank and financial obligations. Work together with other players, and carve an empire out of the stars.