Dino Storm is a free to play browser-based dinosaur MMO, featuring hundreds of quests and challenges to undertake. Lock, load and get ready for a unique experience as you explore a vast wasteland with countless dinosaurs to hunt down. Raise your own dino companion, prove yourself against outlaws and bandits, and bring justice to this new wild west! It is all about dinosaurs, cowboys and laser guns. Fame and fortune await brave adventurers in Dino Storm. With just a few dollars in your pocket, a little ammunition, a loaded laser cannon, and your small dinosaur, you make your way to the town Dinoville. Face down gigantic herds of dinosaurs and merciless robber bands in the wild west and start your thrilling search for valuable items. Set up supply camps, outposts, and goldmines, defend them against other players, and earn fame and respect. Only the best will rise to become the town’s sheriff.

Dino Storm Key Features

Wide Wild World - Explore a Wild and Varied Online 3D Games World

Make Money - Sell your cowboy loot as you experience adventures in the online 3d world

Stake Your Claim - Control contested buildings and make them your own!

Found Your Own Clan - Start your own player clan, and make your names known!

Be The Law - Obtain offices and become the town’s sheriff!

Innovative Fame System - Rise through the ranks and make your name known across the server

Loads To Do - Hundreds of quests keep you engaged and exploring